Week by week home extension planner

Building a house extension can get a little hectic at times and we all need to start treating it like a proper construction work. Even though there are now more and more owners interested in extending to the backyard, there’s still too little information ...Read More

Extension Design Ideas

There are so many things that you can do to your house that don’t involve just moving out and finding a completely new place. People who need to add space to their properties and have already thought about using the obvious neglected spaces like ...Read More

Dick Whittington Design & Build

Our clients love their homes and want to feel good in them. We manage the design, planning and construction as a whole, and during our work we constantly cooperate and contact our clients so that they can control all the changes in their home. ...Read More

IMAX Cinema

IMAX theatres and movies are in a way their own cinematic category – the IMAX experience is nothing that you would normally expect from a regular cinema. It’s so different, with its massive screen and clear picture, you can’t really say you’ve seen something ...Read More

Why is it worth renovating the basement?

Renovating a basement of all places may seem like a mad idea to those who are used to it being messy and covered with spider webs, but actually it has been a massive trend in the recent years and we see now why people ...Read More

Managing IT company tools

Organization Management Systems which help you get your documents and regulations in line, without the need to resort to an advisor every time you feel something is going wrong? It is possible. ...Read More

Medical jobs abroad – psychiatry and psychology

Psychiatry is that one particular field of medicine that you are either really interested in or don’t understand at all. It requires a healthy mental state and above all, patience. Psychiatrists are essentially physicians who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illnesses. ...Read More


If you are looking for a welding-oriented company that has worked with the biggest industrial companies in the world, we strongly recommend looking into Energop company. This Polish brand provides, not without many successful projects and endeavors, such services as cutting, bending, welding and assembling ...Read More

What is a cloud infrastructure?

The term of cloud IT infrastructure, as popular as it has been in the recent years, is still a term surrounded by some mystery. In general understanding, it refers to the virtual infrastructure that can be delivered and accessed via the Internet. It is ...Read More