How to become happy? The step-by-step guide

A happy and fulfilled life is made up of two things: joy of life and life.

The joy of life results from the fact that we often do things that make us happy, e.g. meet our friends, watch a funny movie, eat our favorite dish, watch the sunset, cuddle, dance, pursue our hobbies, etc. Life is a result of the fact that we are at the core with ourselves, that we have goals that are in harmony with our values ​​and ideals, that we know ourselves and are constantly developing and developing.

Satisfied people have both in their lives. Anyone who tries to fill the void in his life merely through an ongoing amusement program will necessarily fail. You can bathe in chocolate, watch a funny movie after the next, take drugs or who knows what to do. When the effect subsides, you are still the same man with the same life as before.

Nothing will change. If, instead, you place your whole life in a higher order (be it world peace or become the youngest chairman of all times) and sacrifice every leisure and joy for it, you will also fail. If you do not feel joy in life, you will not see any sense in your life, and then you will wonder why you should get up in the morning.

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