Extension Design Ideas

There are so many things that you can do to your house that don’t involve just moving out and finding a completely new place. People who need to add space to their properties and have already thought about using the obvious neglected spaces like the attic or the basement usually decide on building an extension. There are so many ways that a house can get a whole new life with just a simple extension, it’s almost impossible to list the best options out there. However, we tried to pick just the ones that you need to get you inspired and go for it.

Kitchen is the central point of the house

Many people have trouble with their kitchens being too small or too old fashioned for modern standards and secretly look at all the beautiful spaces with glass sliding doors to the garden and an island in the middle. Well, this can be done in quite a simple way. If you already have a kitchen close to the garden, think about hiring a contractor to extend the house outwards and make your kitchen a little bit bigger. This can be done provided that you have a garden to extend to, but even if you don’t your kitchen can still get bigger. Many constructors and designers now think that you can also extend inwards, changing the whole layout of your house and from the practical standpoint, make it seem twice as big as it has before.

Add a greenhouse patio

If you feel like your house lacks a quiet, warm and modern room that you could invite your friends over or just enjoy on your own, think about reconstructing your patio area to a glass box that will give your house the light it needs, add a nice elegant touch to the project and will act as the best greenery you could possibly imagine. Having an interior garden may not be everyone’s perfect idea, however, it is good to keep some plants inside. With an extension like that, you could enjoy parties with your friends regardless of the weather and don’t feel like you’re inside the main house at the same time.

An elegant home office

Some people move to work out of office for different reasons, but once they realise how hard it is to work at home, they look for an alternative solution. It’s not always possible to get a room to yourself, but extending the house and building a home office from scratch will make you both inspired to work and feel like you’re actually leaving for work without having to physically go outside.


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