Why is it worth renovating the basement?

Renovating a basement of all places may seem like a mad idea to those who are used to it being messy and covered with spider webs, but actually it has been a massive trend in the recent years and we see now why people are so crazy about it. If you think that basement renovations are just a waste of money, here are some ideas on why you should try it yourself. You may not like your basement now but we guarantee once you renovate it, it could become your favourite part of the whole house.

There’s no point in wasting that much space

You could say that renovating a basement that has been neglected for so many years will be costly and probably time consuming, and that’s what makes people wonder if there’s any point in doing that. However, let us ask a question – is it worth wasting that much space just out of pure fear of it taking some time? We say no! Basements can be so useful for so many purposes other than unorganised storage for boxes and spider webs. Yes, it can take time but if you invest now, your payments will be worth it and if you decide to do it yourself on the weekends, this could be your pride project.

You can always use an extra room

Staying on the topic of unused space, have you ever dreamed of having an at-home office all yourself or a place that your kids could safely play at without trashing the whole house? You can easily do that in your basement! Except those few spaces that need to be used for the piping and the heating of the house, most basements are just as spacious as the ground floor of your house, which means you can fit there not one, but probably multiple rooms for different purposes. And they don’t need much! With some fresh paint on the walls, a simple desk and some decorations, you could easily make that your motivating working space that can be turned into a gym in the afternoon or, for those who don’t like working out, a TV room, a meditation room, a playground for the kids. And don’t forget the storage, which is usually what people use basements for. Organise some shelves and closing wardrobes there and you get the best of both worlds.

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